Clear Channel Airports

Digital Products

We have invested over $125 MILLION to offer the
most innovative products to our airports and advertisers!

Premier Digital

These head-on view LCD screens can accommodate dynamic content and are available in nearly all of our airports. They feature industry standard 16:9 content for ease of graphics production.

Zeus Digital

One of our most sought after formats, Zeus is a network of ceiling mounted (suspended) digital screens with a head-on view that can’t be missed!

Video Walls

These concourse level video walls feature standard 16:9 graphic content to pair with Premier Digital, but offer much larger viewing areas.

Large Format Digital

We have deployed various sized elongated video walls. Most have a 3.5:1 aspect ratio (billboard format) to package outdoor with airport opportunities.

Vertical Digital

The vertical format is becoming more popular as it integrates perfectly with mobile video content. The screens can be different sizes (42”, 60”, 80”, etc.) but all can accommodate standard 9:16 content.

FID Digital

FID (Flight Information Monitor) screens are individual LCD with no grid lines that are integrated into or next to the heavily viewed airport flight monitor systems.

Baggage Claim Digital

Baggage claim is the perfect place to welcome arriving passengers on digital screens. Our screens can accommodate dynamic content such as weather triggers, data overlays and real time updates.

Visitor Information Center Digital

Visitor information centers offer various opportunities to showcase businesses in the area. These screens, typically located near bag claim, allow passengers to see what hotels, restaurants, and local businesses are nearby.

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