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Airport advertising drives brand awareness, consideration and intent among air travelers.
Source: Nielsen Airport Insights Study


Surging Passenger Traffic is Driving Increased Demand for Airports

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Air Travel Soars

Travel Advisors Say Demand Continues to Outpace Rising Vacation Costs

  1. 70% of Americans are planning to travel more, or the same amount, this year as before the pandemic
  2. Overall U.S. TSA Throughput in March 2022 reached 63.6 MILLION passengers screened
  3. Nearly half of Americans are more likely to travel for business in 2022 compared to 2020 & 2021

Valuable Audience

Airports offer advertisers a captive environment to engage decision makers with significant purchasing power with their brand.

  1. 2M U.S. passengers are traveling through U.S. airports daily
  2. Travelers possess an average HH income of over $100K
  3. 1-out-of-5 passengers A18+ hold a C-Suite title

Extensive Dwell Time

Target travelers with your message at key touchpoints throughout the passenger journey from ticketing/security, concourse/gate and bag claim.

  1. Travelers arrive on average 1-2 hours prior to boarding
  2. 65% spend more than 15 minutes walking the concourse
  3. 2-out-of-3 are interested in engaging with new products at the airport

Prestigious Environment

Elevate your message in a high-end space that takes your marketing to the next level.

  1. Exhibit hometown pride by connecting the community with your brand
  2. 3-out-of-4 passengers associate airports with high-quality brands
  3. 55% of flyers research a product online they saw in an airport advertisement

Engaging Media

Create a highly effective formula specific to your brand with print, digital and interactive opportunities that capitalize on travelers’ downtime.

  1. Deliver an immersive one-to-one experience
  2. Take-over a space or entire airport with a branded domination
  3. Leverage full-motion video networks offering comprehensive coverage

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